Through My Window?

hola! :D
been daymn very long time I havent written anything new to my blog haha!
lame excuses; i dont have the guts of writing due to time constraint. lame isnt it?
but hey! i'm back with the mood flowering & blooming very well :D
how come?
i had this song all over my mind, body & soul now!
it's Bunkface's song, THROUGH MY WINDOW!
what a daymn great music, song & composition!
it is so me! daymn catchy & had its own value.

i really like & admire those who had come out with such a great idea in making new genre of music like Bunkface & ads idea such as the late Yasmin Ahmad..
as for Bunkface, this song attract me the most!
i kept on asking who's song for TM Connect ads that only today I found out!
Yay! :D And yes, I'm listening to the song all over again!
It kinda give me spirits & inspiration to live my life more energetically :D
Plus, the ads itself is such a wonderful idea that connects everyone else in the world with different views, wherever that person might be..
Isn't it great?
Hey! This is 1 of the best ads I've ever seen!
Plus, we're in the world that has lots of perspective & perceptions upon a thing..
That makes this world colorful & alive! :D
And yes, the ads was so COMEYYYY!!! :p

And here, the Bunkface's vid powered by TM with lyrics :D

p/s hereby i officially declare myself 
as a fan of Bunkface! HAHAHAHA!! :P

njayzack enjoying through my window :)

Falling Slowly for You, yes You! :)

a big smile for today, yeah..

been a while, i've just want to get rid of my lappy.. quite distracting to put focus on study :p
but hey, I did well by studying along with Wikipedia & :p Really helped me to fry my law essays during exams hiks! :p Okey2, enough of final exam k? I hope everything would turn out well, InsyaAllah :) And now it's HOLIDAY! yeay! :D

It is just today, I online after quite sometimes.. I opened up Limewire, for nothing.. Then I found a song that someone special dedicated to me which I didnt fully download it last time..So I started redownloading..What happened next?


Godness! I just love his voice! He's very talented with his new own composition single Live Like We're Dying..He's unlike other typical American, I adore his courage :)

So hey, I am uploading this song to this blog since I just love this song so much for its melody & lyrics :) Thanks dear for dedicating this song to me :) Love you dear BumbleBie :) I am Falling Slowly for you, yes you BumbleBie :)

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along

p/s well yeah, undeniably i love acoustic version so much! for this, i give you a special version. enjoy & adore it!

njayzack in love

study ke?

hye bloggie.. :)

haih, sekarang ni memang aku tengah mengeluh giler..rasa berat jek keluhan tu..mane taknye, isnin & selasa ni final exam paper torts 2 ngan criminal 2 tp ape yang aku buat spnjg cuti ni? aku xbelajar pun! rasa malas tu, ya Rabbi..amat yang malas! ada jugak aku belek2 buku & notes malam2 before tido ngan lepas sahur, tp cam xmemadai..raya ni lagi la, buku cam perkara paling nk dijauhkan haih! kenapa? sebab jumpe katil, tilam, bantal & blanket kesayangan yang sepertinya xnk bagi aku bangkit dari tdo haha! xde la, tu cerita laen..

aku duduk di rumah seperti melepaskan tekanan yang terperap..kenapa? sebab di rumah ni aku bebas bergerak..nak bgolek bguling2 ke, nk dok melepak dpn tv ke, kat tmn ke, kebun ke suke suki if blk mmu? dok ep tu rasa cam, ya Rabbi........rasa terkongkong giler! pergerakan terbatas, nak study pun kn study gak kan? terpaksa study dlm keadaan camtu..

bukannye xleh study kat umah, boleh jek maybe cuti raya ni lagi membantutkan mood study..mane xnye, pegi beraya, orang non-stop dtg beraya, makan itu ini haih..pastu mate pun asyik kuyu jek..time bulan pose tu, cun jek bley tahan..aku terpikir jgk, maybe disebabkan pola pemakanan aku la yang menyebabkan aku bley tahan ngantuk or mata kuyu..if berlebih2an, ha siap la..di alam mimpi la jawabnye..tu yang size makin menjadi2 tu hehe.. :p in conlclusion, kena la jaga pemakanan yang betul untuk kesihatan :)

dlu if study kat umah, after maghrib jek slmt dah aku bukak buku til late time dh besar ni since raya ni, cam xde can nk bukak buku..ada jek kije skang ni mmg la tengah ngadap text book torts, tp cam xall out..risau tu risau, tp kalau xall out camane? xke hampeh tu?

saje jek ni nk ibunda baca blog daku & fateen..bguling2 dia gelakkan aku bile bace blog fateen tu haih..sabo ajo la den dgn ayat2 blog gadis sengal si fateen tu hahahaha :p jadi skang ni yang penting is.. BELAJAR LA JUZALIANA OYTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

kunun2 tengah belajar dgn tekun la ni hihi :p

p/s doakan untuk final examku ye..maseh :)

28th Law of Torts II 9.00am
29th Criminal Law II 9.00am
2nd Islamic Law II 3.00pm
6th Computer Law II 9.ooam

Sophie Orked's Boutique in action! :D

Assalamualaikum & good day :)

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Midterm exams!!!

Assalamualaikum & hye bloggie!!

    Currently, I am so in the state of nowhere! seriously! i have 2 important thing for tomorrow; Islamic law II midterm exam at 2-3pm and yet I have to submit my torts law ii mini asignment which I havent finished up my part yet. SORRY PANG!! uhuhuhu..

      I was so forgotten about the due date! padahal, da tulis dalam organiser tu! hampeh btol! now I am kinda huru-hara because I just reliased that I didnt study fot the mini assignment. Now I dont know how to give my own comments and opinion! How lame! And also, I realised that WHAT HAVE I STUDIED BEFORE??? damn it!!!

     Luckily, I had my time studying Islamic law at home.. Really2 in peace studying at home, seriously! I think for the upcoming final exam, I want to stay home longer to study. I dont think I could focus more if I study here, too many interruptions hahaha!! :p I even study 3 chapters which only today I've got to know that I should have only focus on 1 chapter only! hahaha!! for the midterm, there will be 2 questions from 2 chapters.. Answer only 1 question in 1 hour, so basically I may choose whether to focus on Fiqh Al-Syakhsyiyah or Fiqh Jinayah..hehe..obviously I'll pick Family law! :p

     The I've got to know that I could focus specifically on the methods of divorve and matters concerning after dissolution of marriage which involve nafaqah, hadanah & matrimonial property.. that will be better because it's gonna be a problematic question..I am unsure about the Fiqh Jinayah, whether it be a problematic as well or not..But to be saved, I should have study it too.. But now I am trying to memorize all the facts regarding Family law and the relevant Al-Qur'an verses and it's authentic Hadiths.. a lot ok!! :)

     So now, i should have refocus! STUDY STUDY! When I'm done, I'll think of how to settle my torts assignment.. Should have done it well, dont play2! damn it! now I am worried!!!


Upcoming midterm exams: 17th Criminal Law II (expected)
                                          20th Computer Law II
                                          26th Law of Torts II

in needing of help,
b-01-06, s3
emerald park

p/s am so jealous with naby! she's sleeping peacefully!!! uhuhuhu... :(( 
     i am so peacefully listening to 'PERGI' by Aizat..what a nice melody, and what a symbolic         meanings to its lyrics..kinda very close to my heart know..only me knows... :)

Happy Friendship's Day :)

Hye there..
Just a simple thought from me to all of you.. :)


This is the original message sent by me at my facebook:

Juza Jusoh wishes her friends a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP's DAY!!!! I love & appreciate all my friends where ever you are. Thanks for being there for me be a part in my life. You guys are simply wonderful! :) Specially dedicated to those who has been with me through thick & thin. Thanks & a great big hug from me to you guys :)

I hope your day will be filled with love & joy.

Live life loyally :)

bayu tasik, KL

Power of a ring at your finger

Hye bloggie! :)
It has been a while, it always that ayte? Yeah, time constraint that disallowed me to frequently update my blog. But nevermind, for this I have quite an interesting story to be told. Hehehe!!

Last Thursday, I was heading to KL from Melaka. Once I reach Pudu, I had to walked from the Hospital Maternity Tun Hsien (I hope I spell it right) to the plaza since the bus only stopped there. Haih! Nevermind, it means that I have to do some exercises - walking. Next, I was so disappointed when the escalator at Plaza Rakyat was close, maybe due to certain problems which means I HAVE TO CLIMB UP TO LRT WITH HEAVY TROLLEY BAG! Wargh!!!

So I have to climb up and lift up my quite heavy trolley bag. Actually,I have never brought a trolley bag if I'm coming KL, i prefer my bag pack. But due to certain reasons, it is better for me to carry a trolley bag. So it happens then a guy suddenly approached me. The conversation were like:-

brother: That must be heavy! I was thinking of helping you carry those. But it seems you can carry all that.
njayzack: Yup, it wasnt that heavy. I am used to carry all those. Its just today I dont use my bag pack like I used to have.
brother: So where are you from? Mind if I get to know you?
njayzack: (With hesitation with his lotsa questions) Erm, I am from Melaka.
brother: Can I get to know you? Be friends? Does anyone will get angry?
njayzack: Why would anyone will get angry? I can be friends to anyone because I like to make friends. What do you mean by that?
brother: Are you taken? Engaged? Married?
njayzack: Why are you asking me such question? (Trying to send message to her bestie)
brother: Because I saw you wearing a ring at your finger.
njayzack: It depends on how type of friend do you want me to be. But clearly, I am taken. I already have a boyfriend. We've known each other since primary. But if you have the intention to have more than that, then I am sorry.
brother: But it doesnt mean that right? Nowadays, even those who are enggaged are broke, and those married are divorced.
njayzack: I dont really like your opinion on that but however it is a matter of fact.
brother: Nevermind. Btw, can I have your contact number please?
njayzack: I am sorry I cannot give you because I am a busy student who is actively involve in those activities that phone is not the best option but maybe email. I check my email every day.
brother: Nevermind, so I give you my email and contact no so anything do text me sometimes. But again, I would like to know you.
njayzack: InsyaAllah (train to Ampang came where he had to go up)


The issue here is that, even though you have a ring at your finger, someone will ever try to approach you for such "referred" intention. Now it comes to my thinking that it could relates to what is happening around the globe, specifically in Malaysia. Even though such person is already in a marriage relationship, it doesnt mean that other people would not approach them. You can see what is happening currently, divorced statistic is climbing up high the mountain! It is a matter of fact whether such person, whether it be a male or female, a wife or a husband, is loyal to the other party. Once the other party started to flirt, then monsoon might crush their marriage. No doubt!

However, when I am approaching the guard post of my bestie's condo, few of the guards were asking us this question which I found quite interesting.

guard:"Ladies, are you both have rings at your finger?"
bestie: "Yes, we do. Why?"
guard: "Oh, nevermind. It means you guys are taken, so we cannot approach (ngorat) you."
bestie & njayzack: blur mode...

Then later only both of us realised that we have the ring at our fingers! Hahahaha! That save us actually hahaha!! :p It was just a coincidence that both of us have that :D Mine one is actually a gift from my beloved Ibunda :D

Later, it came to me to think that even the guard know how to respect those with ring at the fingers but not that brother which I had met earlier. It was similar but different. But what I learnt is that, ring at my finger saves me! Hahahahaha!! Yup, I'm engaged with my Ibunda and taken by Mr Bumblebie hahaha!! :p

Foot note: That brother was someone working with government, have a good looking figure and clean image. However, he is a way shorter than me :D

:: Those oral conversation was changed for a proper mean ::

Netball Tourney: Hari Belia Melaka

:: yellow wins! :D ::

hye bloggie! it has been a week i havent posted anything. like always, i have lotsa to tell but i might say it is due to time constraint that prevent me to write. at current stake, i actually am preparing for my islamic presentation next Monday. it suppose to be today, but it was dragged to long that it actually give advantage to me to prepare more. insyaAllah :)

owh ya, it's about netball tourney! yeah! i like it ahaks ahaks! :p lately, we have so many netball tourney that we had participated & going to participate. it really gives a very good atmosphere to the re-establishment & re-development of MMU Netball Club itself. why? previously, it was quite dull and was deactivated for almost 2-3 years. than, thanks to who had inspiration and motivation to reactivated this club with the help of other HICOMs like Saleha, Aida, Erin, Asyura, Iliyana, Shazreen & me myself. term 08/09 was quite challenging in how to attract female students to have the courage & interest to join the club & training. frankly, i used to felt very upset & fed-up with some students whom always said this:

"Nevermind la, we are not good enough,"
"Dont want la, I know you already have your players,"

"It's ok, there are players who are good compared to me,"

GGGGRRRRRRR!!!!! So angry you know! They are such lame excuses! Really cant bear listening to that and my temper always been at higher temperature grrr!! I am not blaming them either, but if they could think of better excuses for example:

"Sorry, I have class during the training session,"
"Cannot make it, I am badly injured,"

That were fine la kan.. It somehow show your mentality. I once learned from my athletics coach back in my KYS years. He said that, EXCUSES ARE CREATED BY YOU. If you want to achieve something, learn how not to give excuses but reasons. Excuses and reasons seems similar but it had differences. All these happening every where, every place, time & day. What ever it is, you make the choice.

Isnt it true? So grab the opportunity widely open for you, or even better create the opportunity!

Cant tell you more but the pictures taken will give you every definitions! :p Enjoy! :D

:: we win ok! ::

:: nc & np in their sengals! haha!! ::

:: sengal lagi! ::

:: nc & np gone wild! ::

:: we love netball! :

:: the netball players [NP] & Ms Nodee the manager ::

:: NP in positions ::

:: we had so muchhhhh fun! :p ::

Ujian Kejujuran?

salam & hye bloggie:D
sebenar2nya, daku dah lame ditag oleh cik muahaha
Ckyn & cik Najlaa..
tapi hari ni baru berjaya menyempurnakan tag ni hehe..
first time :D
so, tengok la hehehe... :D

1. Anda rasa anda hot?

hot? panas? hangat? menggelegak? kalau cuaca tu memang agak panas membahang, tapi kalau nak rasa diri sendiri tu hot, EXCUSE ME! I AINT HOT! saya xde perasaan nak terase HOT huh..

2. Sila upload current desktop wallpaper anda

:: during netball tournament on 11th july ::

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
semua netball players (both teams) gumbira bergambar dengan piala konon2nye menang johan la tu hahaha!!! piala pinjam tu :p

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?

entah, last sem kot? kat us pizza ngan ezul & budin.. malam tu ezul belanje, lepas tu rezeki dia terus murah! wey, bile nak belanje lagi? budin, ko plak hutang jugak dengan aku kan kan???

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?

erk, THINKING OF YOU by Katy Mr BumbleBIE called, tu tone song dia muahaha! :D

6. Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
sedan ym dengan adinda manje si yakuza mattop yang berada di mmu cyber uhuhuhu..

7. Selain name sendiri, anda suke dipanggil dengan nama apa?
diorang panggil Juza, Yana, Ana, Juja, njayzack, KJ..HEHEHEH!

8. Tag lagi 6 org?

1) Yakuza Mattop!

2) Mafia Naby

3) Sinchan Iwan

4) Puteri Katak cik Mulan

5) Pria kembang Ali Fahmi

6) Melankolia Nora

9. Siapa no.1 pada anda?

Adik manjer daku di MMU muehehe :D

10. Orang no.3 ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?

Izzati si bulu mata unta! Hihihihihi :p

11. Kata sesuatu mengenai orang no.5?

Ku doakan agar dikau berjaya menggenggam hati Cik Mek Kelate :D

13. Pesanan kepada no.2?

Bile nak pegi jogging & undergo strict diet ni Naby oyt??? :p

14. Orang no 4 di mane sekarang?

Cik Puteri Katak kat Hospital Kuantan tengah buat intern kat sane huhu..

15. Nyatakan keistimewaan orang no. 6?

Sangat hebat berpuisi & bermadah! :D


njayzack berkata benar :D