Through My Window?

hola! :D
been daymn very long time I havent written anything new to my blog haha!
lame excuses; i dont have the guts of writing due to time constraint. lame isnt it?
but hey! i'm back with the mood flowering & blooming very well :D
how come?
i had this song all over my mind, body & soul now!
it's Bunkface's song, THROUGH MY WINDOW!
what a daymn great music, song & composition!
it is so me! daymn catchy & had its own value.

i really like & admire those who had come out with such a great idea in making new genre of music like Bunkface & ads idea such as the late Yasmin Ahmad..
as for Bunkface, this song attract me the most!
i kept on asking who's song for TM Connect ads that only today I found out!
Yay! :D And yes, I'm listening to the song all over again!
It kinda give me spirits & inspiration to live my life more energetically :D
Plus, the ads itself is such a wonderful idea that connects everyone else in the world with different views, wherever that person might be..
Isn't it great?
Hey! This is 1 of the best ads I've ever seen!
Plus, we're in the world that has lots of perspective & perceptions upon a thing..
That makes this world colorful & alive! :D
And yes, the ads was so COMEYYYY!!! :p

And here, the Bunkface's vid powered by TM with lyrics :D

p/s hereby i officially declare myself 
as a fan of Bunkface! HAHAHAHA!! :P

njayzack enjoying through my window :)