1st final exam of Epsilon

Cak! hahahaha! what a stupid greeting! yucks! like the Azwan Ali's cak cak cak! like cicak! hahaha! :p
okey, what ever hell it is la kan.. Haih, final exam approaching.. What am I expecting? It's my 1st semester in Epsilon year! OMG!! I'm in my final stage to graduate soon!!! Oh please please, let me graduate this year!

I've looked into my exam schedule.. Wow, bombastic! I have at least a day break before the next paper. I registered for only 4 subjects this semester since I had carried forward my Criminal Procedure Code I last semester, which I managed to score an A-! hihihihi! thanks to you Mr. Lecturer who was kind enough to bombard us well during lectures & give us heart attack to present our assignment-not-yet-done! But well, you're no longer here but I prefer your methods which stressing on the practicals. That's very wise! However, not everything turn out well. I have to re-seat for Company II and also Land II. Company II paper lacked at finals, my carry-mark was good after the referral. Land II? HAHAHAHA! Now I am laughing out loud! Why? I tell you my secret. As far as I remembered, I don't remember what I wrote. But can I easily say that I submit BLANK ANSWER SHEET? :P Oh yes, I think I really do. I had that 3 consecutive papers in that 3 days! 1st evening was CPC I, then next evening Equity II and the later morning was Land II! Hahahaha! Blank enough that I failed to spill anything learned & revised. =.='

And for this sem's exam schedule, I should be thankful. When's the brain-drilling dates?
9th    2.30pm     Evidence I
11th  9.00am     Civil Procedure I
13th  2.30am     COMPANY II
14th  9.00am     PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE I *so dead with these two papers consecutively!*
16th  2.30pm     Land II *oh my gucci!*
18th  9.00am     Jurisprudence I

Oh yeah, I have my study planner. But the big mark here is that, is it executed?
HAHAHAHAHHA!!! :p starting next week, I have to start pinching myself if I fail to follow!
Hohohoho! You wanna follow your future plan or you wanna make it a 'choi'?
THINK WISE, BE WISER! lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala :D

Am going home to studyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Yeayyyyy!!
With my bonda & ayahanda; being my guardian angels weeeeeeeeee :D
It enhances the spirits & guts to study! Yeay yeay! GREAT PLAN! :D

Mission:    Upgrading pointer.
Tasks:        Do study like the nerds till you gile!

okey, ini inspirasi nak belajar skang :D

hwang tae kyung oppa, saranghaeyo! :p

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  anak Raja

January 15, 2011 at 10:53 PM


  anne nalea

January 16, 2011 at 1:30 PM

hahahahaha!! kamon angie, jgn jeles :p