KYSER Rugby Team playing for Melaka Closed Rugby 7 Side

hye bloggie! :d
been 3 months ayte i've neva written nethin..
ya, very bz wit lotsa things therefore i dun felt so lazy 2 update + duno whoch story 2 b told hehe..
seriously too many to be told, but then still..
it's actually 4 my own gud, 4 me 2 remember my moments :)

so, after so long..
now i've got d guts 2 write sumting dat reali mk me tremendously hepi today :p
yeah! dat's true!
dey came down ere 4 a tourney..
it's actually a stepping stone 4 'em 2 join any tourney..
esp wen dey win today's game! :d
dat's wut Mun said during d post mortem :)

: the KYSER ruggers :

:looking for victory:

i actually didnt noe much about this tourney..
it jez happened dat Abg Yus told me last Friday..
he was here with my sista Idayu aka his wife 2 give 2 KAD JEMPUTAN KAWEN :D
i neva now dat d tourney was 2 days event!

then, 2day 3rd May 2009..
suddently Doshkin called me diz afternoon..
had a talk, later he asked me 2 come there..
haih! i dun have any transport!
unless they cud take me there la kan?
so yg menjadi mangsa were Nada & Bun hahaha!!
i was given few mins 2 bsiap (giler cpt aku bsiap wey!) b4 both of 'em reach mmu..
ala, dkt smk bukit baru jek tourney tu hehehe..
so, we went there arnd 2pm hehehe..

shockingly, i was d only FLOWER blooming among them ngahahaha!!
dat was funny ok!
i really tot there's some other KYSER gals there but i was wrong upe2nye..
haih..silap2..but there are some from the "urusetia", but they were busy under the roof not far from our port.. :)

but what is the best was, i had the chance of meeting them all..
maybe not all, but somehow i really miss those moments back in KYS..
we used to play, cheer & enjoy together :)
after sometimes, this is the time where they met & be together aiming to win something!

however, the didnt make it to the final round for cup..
they made it for plate round..
i can't remember which team they beat for final plate..
but, they were awesome and tremendous!
i really cant explain nemore!
can you imagine? with no training, except for once on the friday evening..
they beat the champion for cup round which is High School Alumni?
what shocking most is that none beat em during the preliminary except for KYSERs!
maybe it was because the tradition where they used to meet in any touney during old days :)
so they had the motivations & inspirations of NECESSARILY BEAT HS! ehehehe..

i end up being their photographer hehe..
eventhough i dont have any camera, i've got one from Toy..
how come i forgot to bring any camera dat day argh!
i did text Umar, but he was busy with his other photography assignment uhuhuhu..
but hey, i did quite good :D

:KYSER Rugby Team:


:out of control:

:xcheerleader & mr manager:

:mond, sugus,bom, toy, doshkin & mun (infront):

:hepi faces on camera:


:azlan & sugus biting medal:

:baby wilkinson toy & nada showing off:

:faces of joy!:

later, we had dinner at D'Nangka, so called their port for 3days in Melaka hehehe :D
we had 5 tables in a row with me alone, a girl among the macho ruggers!
hahahahaha! kinda funny tho :p
not only we had dinner, but somehow we had the post mortem for the 2days event :)
everyone had given such good comments & feedback regarding the tourney..
somehow, i didnt manage to say much but to thank & congratulate them for being able to meet up again for the tourney :)
again, thanks to Doshkin who had treat me for dinner! thnx bro! hehehe :D
Also, thanks to Nada & Bun who had sent me back :D

for what ever it is, i personally hope that KYSER will remain together & bonded well till the end of the day :)
and I am certain that our founder, Tan Sri Halim Saad will be glad to see us together :)
till then, zai jian! :D

regards with joy,
with KYSERs Ruggers

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