This is sewioussss!!!!

hye blog hehe..
today i found something so hilarious hahaha!!
just wanna share with you guys out there :D
btw, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this cartoon soooooo mmmmmmuuuuuuucccccchhhhh!!!!!!
wonderpets wonderpets! :p
but i prefer malay version, more kawaiiiii :p
so, njoy! hehehe..

telefon..telefon berbunyi
telefon..telefon kami datang
telefon..telefon berbunyi
ada haiwan dalam bahaya
ada haiwan dalam bahaya di sana
apa yang penting
apa yang penting

wonderpets wonderpets kami datang
membantu haiwan dalam kesusahan
kami tak besar
dan kami tak kuat
bila bekerjasama
semua jadi mudah...
yeayyyyyyy wonderpets!!! :p

p/s hihihi!! saye happy!! :p


Ereen dah besar ke? :D

hye bloggie..
quite sometimes i didn't write..
just for this entry, i would like to wish a birthday girl a happy 22nd bday :)
Happy 22nd bday Ereen! :)
she got choc cheese from secret recipe, written;
"Ereen dah besar ke? XOXO"
we celebrated her bday at Mc Donald, making d McD like our own hehe..
4 cars; including d director of the event; Ain Boboy hahaha!!
thanks to Fateen, Naby, Nyssa & Umar in a car..
there were also Azmi, Tandi & special guest Adam who sang to Ereen :D weeeeee!!!!
Nadia, Amal & the other 2 guys dat i didn't noe their names..
not to forget, Mat Top whom is so bz wit his cube & Sepet :)

so Ereen, sorry xsmpt nk watkan Ereen spaghetti..
next time k laling? :)
wuteva it is, may Allah bless u owez dear..
don't stop taking appeton! hihihihi!!
all d best in ur future undertakings! :)
we all love & appreciate u d way u are :)
jia you!

4th March