Nobody :(

Hola! :D
This is actually kinda a nonsense made by Anis & Aizad when we were at Sri Ruby this evening, settling all UPG matters regarding the upcoming Darul Aitam's and Educare 2010 :D

Anis & Aizad so sengallllllllllllll!!!
Anis request for this song with the moves at youtube.
Then Aizad connect the PA system with the laptop.
He volume up and both of them started dancing the moves & grooves!
It was my first time watching the clip so I just stare at the screen when suddenly...

"Anis! Buat ape tu?!"
OMG! It's Kak Miza our counselor suddenly appear at the Seminar Room entrance! Hahahahaha! Guess what Anis did? She pretended like she was having exercises! Mwahahahahaahahaha!! Buruk giler pangai ok!!! 
Aizad also did so, quickly trying to lower down the volume :D

"Aizad, dah2..tutup tutup! Xyah gune PA system tu. Off2!"
That was what Kak Miza instructed Aizad while he replied, "Eh, slow jek la.." unsatisfactorily.. :D
"Dah2, tutup tutup.." Another instruction sambil bercekak pinggang & trying to buat muke garang hahahaha! Anis plak dah tersipu2 pura-pura exercise hehehe..Kak Miza ni sungguh comel hahahahahahhahhahaa! :p (Bukan bodek haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

Actually, ni memang pangai diorang pun..Aizad memang suke giler pasang PA system tu haha! But it was a happy moment, I was laughing & laughing & rolling on the floor! Really! Hahahahaha! Anis selambe giler! Dari dok nari ikot moves tu semua tetiba bley pla wat gaya exercise! Motip???!!

Papepun, layankan saje vid clip ni..Best giler hahahahahaa! It was obviously obtained from youtube :)
Enjoy it! 

enjoying the song
bunga raya

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April 19, 2010 at 5:16 AM

Nobody AGAIN ?!

  lord njayzack

April 20, 2010 at 1:35 AM

mwahahahaha! not my fault! i never know the song! so that day they went on crazy and hv that played & danced! lol! hahaha!