Latest problem to be solved - Online Shopping Mania!

Erk..hye bloggie :D
We meet again tonight :p
This is suppose to be a very short entry and should not be bothered much but I'm clueless & confused!
Am I so happy or am I actually facing a problem?


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Urgh! At times I would be sooo happy when I win those bids. For certain things, it is very cheap and I dont mind spending some for items that are hard for me to find with great offer and also, there are also things that I wont regret having and spend since they are cheap. But, how cheap are them? Urghhhh!!!

I wont talk about the price. I am talking about the total amount spent for all the bidding items. If it is a single item, it can be defined as cheap literally. But what about lots of items? OH NO! But I find this very interesting! Why? It is unnecessary to have cash with me to pay but it is done through transferring to the 3rd party account or I just bank-in to the said account. Haih, this is actually dangerous! We might didnt realise about the flow of money. I'M SO DEAD! 

I might stop after this. I had stopped from this two years back until last week I started again and it give me more when I won some bids hehe..And somemore, I also won for something tonight! This is what I've been searching and look for! I got daymn cheap price, compared to other bids on the same item! REALLY GLAD! hahahahha! berlagak giler hehehehe :p  For item like that, with the price, I really dont really mind :D So satisfied! As for the time being la hehehe..

However, I should know on the consequences of buying items online. So far, I think I still manage to keep track for every items and price as I would check on my budget before I bid such item :) This to secure me from any other consequences. 

Oh ya, there are few tips for bidding items. Keep it on your watch list, or you may just have that page available on your screen. Keep refreshing that page and look for the bidding price, end time and time left. When it is on your budget, bid it when it almost ends; for example another 1-2 minutes left. Nobody could catch up with up within that time, as they may think that nobody would challenge them with higher bids :D And so how it goes to me hahahah! I learnt from them also as I wanted such item but I lost the bid just before the time ends. And now I am practicing from my experience :) Experience is the best teacher, isnt it? :D

Few tips after the auction closed. Wait for the seller to send you email on payment method and also notification email that you are the winner of the auction. Only later when everything is ratified including the shipping address, you may proceed with the payment. Do not forget to save the scree-shot if you do online transfer, and also the receipts if you bank-in/transfer the money through ATM. It would be treated as evidence before the seller proceed with the delivery after they are acknowledge with the payment. 

But as for online shopping without auction, it is necessary for you to make payment directly to the seller and notified them. However, you should be extra-careful with that. You may negotiate with the seller to put on deposit and not the total amount until the delivery takes place. But shopping through online need you to have confidence with the seller and the web host. This is to avoid any unwanted scenes. 

In Malaysia, there are few online shopping based on auction. For example and also  Other online shopping without auctioning are obviously my boutique shared with Nora (buy our shawls y'all! :D) also There are a lot more to be uploaded, but maybe later. I'm sleepy now! :(

As for now, I AM SOOOO SATISFIED & HAPPY FOR THE PREVIOUS BID ITEM! Sukeeeee!! (^.^)v    Now I can mimpi2 dengan bestnye, waiting for their email before I proceed with the payment transaction and wait for the item to arrive next week. Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :p

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