New arrangement of Love Story :)

hye bloggie..
it has been a while since the last time i wrote about the shocking news "me" getting married..
haih! dat's terrible!
well, to share a lil bit..i'm currently at my previous college, TATiUC for HINEX camp :)
regarding HINEX Camp, i'll write later..

but now, i'm so amazed with what i've found on youtube..
it was about new arrangement of songs Love Story by Taylor Swiff & Viva la Vida by Coldplay..
the arrangement was so awesome!
tremendous! brilliant!
yeah, it has same key elements that make it very pleasant to be listened to..

the song was purely dedicated to his daughter, Sarah, aged 7..
he said that his daughter told him in car that the Love Story was her favourite..
so it just appeared that he heard Viva la Vida later..
then he found both has similarities..
therefore, he and his friend on cello tried the new arrangement..
the result? it was fabulous! :D

so, here is the video i found in youtube..
enjoy! :)