Attitude problem

how would u feel if you define yourself as bad?
some would rather ignore it, some would have think of it deeply.

I admit, after this midterm break I am soooooooooooooooo problematic!
I hate having this kind of problematic attitude. I dont care if others dont, but I do!
ponteng kelas, selalu sakit, physically & mentally weak, stress and all kind of pessimism & negative..
negative aura revolves around me! where's the positive? what's blocking me from my positive aura?

for my 1st 7 weeks during this semester, I am still full of anxiety, energetic & high spirited!
morning class dijaga elok, sesuatu masa cube dimanfaatkan semaksima mungkin..
pagi-tengahari ke kelas, petang exercise.. netball ke, jogging ke plg x pun 2x per week..
time tu rasa sy bahagia, free of anything yg would distract my mind..
nak kate ada problem ngan bf, dah selamat reconcile dah..xde masalah dh, lagi bahagia adalah!

tp, lepas midterm break.. MOST THINGS RUINED! ape puncanya???
sungguh, sungguh aku xtau!
yg plg teruk solat lmbt, Qur'an dh jarang baca.. yasin once a week pun xbace..
ape masalah ni??? kesihatan plak tah pape.. bukannye sakit trok sgt, not critical like mak..
but very2 effecting me! sakit pinggang la, sakit tulang la, sakit lutut la, cramp la bla bla bla!
seb baek period pain dah berkurangan sekarang.. entah lah..

and last night, I got my nerves to tell my bestfriend Ckyn of what I am down with..
this stupid problematic attitude! dah la final year, xsedar diri btol! gerammmmm!!!
few wise advices given..

1st; sleep early! make sure by 12am masuk tdo! kalu xleh tdo, tutup in the dark, it would make u easily fall asleep..kalau xleh tdo gak, bace ayat2 Al-Mulk & Sajadah..and obviously Kursi..
utk nasihat ni, semalam i tried applying..
alhamdulillah, by 1.30am camtu terlelap gak pas xleh tahan ngadap bace jurisprudence infos for jurisprudence assignment.. tmbah plak mr bumblebie soh tdo ngan barney theme song :)
memang lena habis arr! bangun2, kol 5am camtu..FRESHHHH!!! :))
so ngadap la juris lagi, tgg subuh.. haaa, pas subuh ngantuk tgk juris lentoq pulakkkk!
bile tbgn blk 7.45am camtu, KAKI SAKITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! both leg bones saketttttttttttt!!!!
it has been few days okey! dok sapu minyak jek keje.. tp ape mslh plak ni?
tdo pun xpakai kipas okey, siap pakai stokin bagai..aduhai.. kenapa kenapa???

pastu, dlm dok menahan sakit, Pang texted me..OH MAN!!! I'm dead!
his civil procedure notes is with me! matiiiii!!! I promised him if I cud get up & stand on foot I would go class at 9am eventhough I know it is damn late! xkire, as long as pang gets back his notes!
but, memang laaaaaaaaaaa xpegi! hangin hangin hangin jekkkk!
adakah aku ni mmg langsung2 xbley sejukkkk????? weak antibody? hmmmm...
but I admit I cannot tahan sejuk..kalau both lengan sejuk, mmg gone! hmmm
akhirnye, Pang bengang & kecik ati.. mmg patut pun, if I were in his shoes, I would act d same..
I am so sorry Pang, really am.. I OWE YOU BIG TIME!! so sorry, dat's all I can say now..

2nd, take care of your food..don't on tight diet! eat healthily so you won't fall sick..
oh dear, I am taking care of it..I aint dieting, seriously.. it's just, if I had heavy breakfast, I wont have lunch.. it had already been brunch, isn't it? lagipun mmg akan kenyang hingga ke petang..
tapi, masalah besar bile malam2 I am craving for yang ni la kena diet! =.='

falling sick? hmm, this is a big question to wonder..
looking through, I compare my weeks before & after midterm break..
more negative aura I suppose? ntah la, but I have this kind of feeling mentioning about me getting reflexology treatment earlier during the break..
Indeed, I have always feel sick.. ada jek yang xkena.. nk g training netball pun takot, takot cramp nanti xleh jalan.. oh enough, I knew all along the feeling of not be able to walk & bgantung pd tongkat and wheel chair! mmg trauma!!!!

*nak gi kelas dlu..smbungan later*

1st final exam of Epsilon

Cak! hahahaha! what a stupid greeting! yucks! like the Azwan Ali's cak cak cak! like cicak! hahaha! :p
okey, what ever hell it is la kan.. Haih, final exam approaching.. What am I expecting? It's my 1st semester in Epsilon year! OMG!! I'm in my final stage to graduate soon!!! Oh please please, let me graduate this year!

I've looked into my exam schedule.. Wow, bombastic! I have at least a day break before the next paper. I registered for only 4 subjects this semester since I had carried forward my Criminal Procedure Code I last semester, which I managed to score an A-! hihihihi! thanks to you Mr. Lecturer who was kind enough to bombard us well during lectures & give us heart attack to present our assignment-not-yet-done! But well, you're no longer here but I prefer your methods which stressing on the practicals. That's very wise! However, not everything turn out well. I have to re-seat for Company II and also Land II. Company II paper lacked at finals, my carry-mark was good after the referral. Land II? HAHAHAHA! Now I am laughing out loud! Why? I tell you my secret. As far as I remembered, I don't remember what I wrote. But can I easily say that I submit BLANK ANSWER SHEET? :P Oh yes, I think I really do. I had that 3 consecutive papers in that 3 days! 1st evening was CPC I, then next evening Equity II and the later morning was Land II! Hahahaha! Blank enough that I failed to spill anything learned & revised. =.='

And for this sem's exam schedule, I should be thankful. When's the brain-drilling dates?
9th    2.30pm     Evidence I
11th  9.00am     Civil Procedure I
13th  2.30am     COMPANY II
14th  9.00am     PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE I *so dead with these two papers consecutively!*
16th  2.30pm     Land II *oh my gucci!*
18th  9.00am     Jurisprudence I

Oh yeah, I have my study planner. But the big mark here is that, is it executed?
HAHAHAHAHHA!!! :p starting next week, I have to start pinching myself if I fail to follow!
Hohohoho! You wanna follow your future plan or you wanna make it a 'choi'?
THINK WISE, BE WISER! lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala :D

Am going home to studyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Yeayyyyy!!
With my bonda & ayahanda; being my guardian angels weeeeeeeeee :D
It enhances the spirits & guts to study! Yeay yeay! GREAT PLAN! :D

Mission:    Upgrading pointer.
Tasks:        Do study like the nerds till you gile!

okey, ini inspirasi nak belajar skang :D

hwang tae kyung oppa, saranghaeyo! :p