How I wish for.. *wink*

Owh owh..
How I wish for all these! Puh-leaseeeeeeeeee! Saving saving saving is all what I have to do from now on! Work more and gain more money! As for now, study first! (^^)v

First item: Canon EOS 400D + any Standard Zoom (^^)v


OMG OMG! If I got this, I wont sleep at least 2days just to play & capture with this! ZOMG!!! 
Rate of possibility: **

Second item: SE C903a White & Purple

I need a new phone cum camera! Please, I hope I'll be getting this white & purple c903a! 
Rate of possibility: ****

Third item: CD The Moffats Chapter 1: A New Beginning

OMG OMG! I miss Moffats so much! Love their songs!!! Teringat zaman dolu2 hahaha! :p
Rate of possibility: ****

4th item: Full trilogy of Bagaikan Puteri, Cinta Sang Ratu, Hijab Sang Pencinta and the latest one Cinta Sufi by Ramlee Awang Murshid & all his books! 

OMG! I'm soooo going to have d latest one!!! 
Rate of possibility: *****

5th item: Ahadiat Akashah full collection! 


Puh-lease!!!! My collections were stolen! DAYMN! :( I have to find it all over again :(
This is the new cover, whut I had was the classic cover which is nicer! :((
And you know what, I'M SOOO GONNA WATCH THIS MOVIE THIS 3rd June! :p 
Rate of possibility: ***

6th item: A start-up for CUPCAKE

I'll collect my money & buy the starting set at MPH MP! :p 
And suddenly, I'm craving for 1 big set of vanilla cupcakes! Oh My!
p/s comel giler cuppies neh! xdpt IPhone dpt cupcake IPhone pun jadi la.. :p
Rate of possibility: *****

7th item: Secret Recipe New York Cheese

I'm soooooooo gonna get this after exam!
Rate of possibility: *****

8th item: Pacific Paradice by Escada & Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton! 

I like the Pacific Paradise! Smells so yummy! :p

PHURRRFECT SMELL besides Palace! (^^)v
Rate of possibility: **

9th item: A watch!!! 

 A Fossil perhaps next time? I need one!
This one is soooooooo nice! *harge pun same cantek huhu*
Rate of possibility: ***

9thth: A wedges perhaps?

The size should be Vincci 9@40 or the biggest size the store has! Huhu! And it must not more than 2 inches.
Hahahaha! I know I know! :p Is Juza turning to be Liana? Hahahaha!! (^^)v
p/s ceh, nk Michael Kors! POYO! 
Rate of possibility: **

10th item: A Deuter! :p

I need this to go camping, trekking & hiking!!!! :p
Rate of possibility: ***

11th item: Crocs puh-lease!

All the coroxs are now doomed huhu! Need a new Crocs women size 10! :((
Why only KL has 65% discount?! Unfair! Do it in Melaka!
Rate of possibility: ***

12h item: An Audi TT??? (@@)

DZMOG! Dream car kah? Hahahaha!
May I borrow this car from Uzira & Abg Lan? :p Nak beli tade duit arr hehehehe.. :D

Nah, I want this! Honda Civic Type R! Yeay! :D

I prefer car with 4doors, better :)
I have to work very2 hard to get this before I am married to anyone! (^^)v
Rate of possibility: tade star lg..uwaaaaaaa!!! :((

Dah2, pegi sambung study! 
2-3 hari ni meroyan jek lebeyh! Saket gigi tuh alasan semate2 huhuhu..

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May 5, 2010 at 8:35 AM

Better carik 2nd hand model baru macam Canon 500D dari beli yang baru Canon 400D ;)